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When John asked if I wanted to run this event, I agreed as it was the last one on the programme that I had set for the 2017/18 season which meant that it could be my last as Club Captain.  We watched the weather forecasts during the weeks before the run as this was very unsettled with different and adverse patterns coming through on a regular basis and were very happy when the forecaster got it basically right and Saturday turned on the best weather for some time.

 The run was well attended with thirteen boats and twenty-six people taking part and it was particularly encouraging to be able to welcome a ‘new’ family of Eleanor, Hamish and Sophie to our style of boating.  The run up the river was basically the same as on previous trips but we noticed that the current was quite a bit stronger than usual because there had been some fairly heavy rain.  We went past ‘the willows’ channel as there was a considerable current coming out and decided that the risk would be too great.

 Lunch was had below the top pool and as the current didn’t decrease at high tide we decided to retrace our path down the same channel rather than struggling to get around the island.   

Other highlights included having a very interested herd of spectators following us up part of the river and then being joined by a group of kayakers from Nelson for lunch. Some of us later adjourned to the Havelock Hotel for a short debrief before heading home.