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This run took us “over the hill‟ to Nelson.  This run, which took us over the hill to Nelson was on the Saturday following cyclone Fehi, with the king tide that caused a lot of flooding in the Nelson province.  We were told that the extraordinary conditions caused tide to come up 800mm higher than would normally be expected with a king tide!  The weather forecast for the day was good so we didn’t hesitate to leave a very dull Picton morning with time to meet in Nelson at 10am, allowing time for a cuppa before launching boats,  Although it started out overcast with a cool easterly breeze the weather improved steadily to be sunny and quite warm.  We decided to leave our boat at home, so we had a very pleasant jaunt with Richard in Ripples and really enjoyed the fruits of his labour installing the new motor in his boat.  It is a beautiful  little unit and, although it runs on  diesel, it is easy to have a conversation.  The trip saw us cruising along the boulder bank to grassy point before heading up the Maitai River.  I noted that the windscreen would have prevented us from getting far up there in Kaiwaka as the bow of Ripples only had about six inches of clearance under one of the bridges. Following lunch, on Haulashore Island we continued and circumnavigated it before heading back, dodging shipping on the way, to check out the marina and retrieve the boats.  This was followed by a very pleasant barbecue that was kindly put on by Ray and Joy.