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Our April run was a pleasant cruise around Nelson Harbour.  Six boats and 13 crew were ably led by our Nelson members.  The weather was perfect d07E3Dw2HnaJnLyJIsg5grUwfgMpc4YUlyj5ejXjfor mucking around in small boats, warm and calm.  We got away as planned, as timing was essential for the tide, and cruised the Boulder Bank looking at the baches and marvelling at an efoil surfboaneQEGAMW8G2OjmUJWwNZaLjm6rRVXsj5AL6iM26Wrd, before heading up7zzsQ6ZJKJChi5ZUkF_tChH7T1n-pL1B7IBUCAcE the river to the busy part of the city.  The small flotilla caused quite a bit of interest with the Saturday morning walkers and café patrons. Unfortunately we were unable to get under the Collingwood Street bridge due to maintenance and low hanging scaffolding. It was then an easy run out with the tide to a shelterc_KerwMfBTG-asfdoc3pYT-H1bc-XWFTEc6cGB_Jed landing just inside the harbour entrance for lunch.  The trip continued outside the harbour around Haulashore Island.  On the way back to the ramp we had a close up view of ships loading/unloading at the wharves.  No chance to get anywhere near the nowadays due to port security.  After retrieving the boats we finished a most enjoyable day with a group barbeque.

Thank you to our nelson members for a great day out.