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On Friday we had everything loaded up and headed to Kaiapoi and stayed at the Kairaki Camping ground, near the mouth of the Waimakariri River.  We started Saturday by exploring Kaiapoi town and viewing all the changes. Although the riverside development is not yet complete it is quite impressive and the wharf area will soon boast one of the best ‘floaters’ which will cover most of the distance from the bridge to near the Coastguard headquarters.

We then checked out the launching ramp at the yacht club and I was offered a Sunburst yacht to take sailing but I had to decline as we had three little boys (7, 5 and 2) to take for a ride on the river.  The afternoon run up the Waimakariri was very enjoyable, we got past the rail and road bridges but stopped a little short of the motorway when the depth got to 60cm and as the current was getting fairly strong and we had the three small boys aboard I decided to play it safe and not take any risks.

We also took the miniboat for the boys to try out as a first experience in paddling on their own.

On talking to some of the ‘locals’ it became apparent that the River Carnival had not been as widely publicised as it could have been so, although the display of boats was quite good, it had potential to be much better – our three boats (JB, River Dance and Kaiwaka) drew a lot of interest.  There There were demonstrations conducted on the river for most of the afternoon but I was a little disappointed with the parade of classic boats in that it started late because of the jet ski demonstrations that seemed to take priority and then seemed to be cut short by the Coastguard.

As soon as the parade was over, Roger, Keith and ourselves had a run up the Kaiapoi River.  This was very pleasant with the nice scenery, clear water,fish and many people to wave to on the way.  We went quite a long way at a leisurely pace until the water was 50 cm before returning downstream to the ramp.  


Overall a fun weekend and would we go again? – definitely yes!