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Eight boats gathered for this run and we left the Havelock Marina about 11.30am and headed up to the Blackball Basin in the Pelorus River which is where we viewed the old boatshed on our previous workshop tour. The river here gets quite shallow with large areas of swamp and it is hard to imagine this was the loading area for ships carting timber to Northern ports. We then travelled down the Pelorus River and across to Cullen Point and we noticed that “Cullen Maiden” with Roy at the helm, as the lead boat behaved very well in this part of the estuary however there were times when she lost her way a little and had to be coaxed back into deeper water!

At the top of the estuary we eventually made our way through a narrow channel into the Kaituna River and the more adventurous travelled up the Kaituna under the road bridge and probably could have gone quite a long way up the river but by this stage it was well past lunchtime and we all needed some food and a drink so we travelled back past the marina to the Stone Jetty at the West end of Havelock where we beached our boats and enjoyed lunch together.

The highlight of the day was the official christening of Phil’s newly re-furbished double ender, with a bottle of “bubbly” being poured over the bow and also shared around the on-lookers. Well done Roy and Phil.

A great finish to an interesting day eplring the estuary.