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On Friday 1 March we had our annual Lake Rotoiti run before the antique and classic boat show.  The conditions were excellent and enjoyed by 23 passengers in 10 boats.

7Uj2Xtl4QDLCLQ-vnQJ5V7AdeG3PWGtme4ZzD6s_A pleasant run up the lake was followed by lunch at our usual quiet beach near the jetty at the top of the lake. This was disrupted somewhat by lots of small bumblebees attracted to our blue uniforms.  After lunch we continued around the head of the lake before returning to Kerr Bay to set up for the weekend. It was good to have some Christchurch members join us for the weekend.   On Saturday evening the usual club barbeque as held on the lakefront among our beloved boats

The Classic Boat Show on Saturday and Sunday was held in perfect weather. This certainly helped in the attendance numbers. The Show has now been running for 20 years and the organisers would be delighted with the weekend.  fMtgzkqvxqSDuwIU_GKPv_cqfvXXAETcsd3D6tmZ


Our offer of free rides to the public was not too successful, with approximately 25 passengers on the Saturday, and none on Sunday.  The public who took rides were appreciative and enjoyed the experience of a trip in an old boat.wmw3FOBBZNzYAUBn90TKSXwEFN56dUGSRqgfWRV4

Congratulations to Steve, one of our Christchurch members on  winning the award for the best non powered craft with his 1930’s clinker ketch “FIDDLERS GREEN”.