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2021.10 NELSON RUN 

After watching the weather all week and things looking good, old Mother nature had a say in the first run of the season.mOWIHCym615VtL0RfFFK-jWeVBQzwaRUFNJ7Uxnx

Nineteen members, 2 dogs and seven boats turned up at Monaco for a run over to the back of Rabbit Island with the intention of going up the Waimea River for lunch. Leaving on schedule at 1030, with Ripples as lead boat.  However, the wind, which was not predicted at about 15-20 knots, and an in-coming tide made it too unpleasant to cross Blind channel without getting everyone wet,PLgWIVKC7AcPGAEPRT5ndumXS_8BHcU9FLM4of6mso the decision was made to turn around and look for more sheltered water.  With not many options for places to go in that wind, we went up Jenkins Creek behind the Airport.  On the way back to more sheltered water the rag and stick men of the club could not resist hoisting a sail. vt44OuW3vfo40QOMqCdaO9ALPVYKrCKuzSw-zFHg8GJ6wIryrf42n0gvfRi3fbRMkLhrHE1Ls1_2oyjO

We then landed on Oyster Island for lunch and a catch up.  Departing the island about 1300 and cruising up into the Monaco estuary towards the Honest Lawyer hotel before putting the boats back on the trailers by about 1330.

On the trip we had four new Nelson members in two boats and a former member, who went with Roysie in his new boat.yF-rf7XmGKiQZO_FdPDW0wnUvbl447l-JaOI8hQa

A debrief was had at the Honest Lawyer afterwards.

Even though the route had to be varied, everyone enjoyed the day.   At least we got on the water. I must say, the day before the wind was perfect and the day after the wind was perfect. Mother nature didn’t want to play ball for us then, but she didn’t beat us.