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Mission Statement

The Picton Clinker & Classic Boat Club is dedicated to displaying, demonstrating, salvaging, saving, restoring and preserving old style craft before we lose them and the skills involved forever. Club Members seek out these precious old craft before they deteriorate beyond repair with the view of caring for them while they await restoration.

If you have or know of an old craft needing a new home please consider gifting it to the Picton Clinker & Classic Boating Club and if it is salvagable we will ensure it is cared for and perhaps given a new life.


We meet each month on the first Monday at 7.30pm.  Please contact any of the Club Executive below.

All are welcome.

Dick Hall


Retired commercial fisherman now running a ship brokerage.

                                                                                    VICE COMMODORE: Roger Randall



                                                                                  SECRETARY / NEWSLETTER EDITOR :

                                                                                  William Pettigrew


Nevil Paterson

TREASURER: Nevil Paterson

Retired Accountant and now has a lifestyle vineyard.

                                                                                   CLUB CAPTAIN: John McConway